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Region East and Southeast Asia
Leader President Trần Đại Quang
Population 95 415 000
Christian 8.8%
Main Religion Buddhism
Government Communist State
Rank 18
Score 69
Previous Rank 17
Previous Score 71

“Vietnam’s minority groups are hungry for the Gospel.”

Vietnam is one of five countries in the world still ruled by a Communist government. State founder Ho Chi Minh is revered, and all other beliefs are opposed. The government monitors Christians and controls Christian publishing and gathering.

Christians in Vietnam are being subjected to significant persecution. Historical Christian communities experience arrests and land-grabbing by the authorities. Converts to Christianity from Buddhist or ethnic-animist backgrounds face the strongest persecution, which comes not only from the authorities but also from family, friends and neighbours.

Protestant Christian believers tend to gather in house churches, and their members face discrimination at various levels of society. The Catholic Church is by far the largest Christian community in the country, but the government sees it as being tied to foreign powers, and as a remnant from French colonial days.

To stand with persecuted believers in Vietnam, Open Doors provides them with training for ministry workers, discipleship programmes, Bible and literature distribution, literacy training, advocacy, and more.

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