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Region North Africa
Leader President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir
Population 42 166 000
Christian 4.7%
Main Religion Islam
Government Presidential Republic
Rank 4
Score 87
Previous Rank 5
Previous Score 87

“Adamant to hold on to Christ, despite the cost.”

In 1983 Sudan was declared an Islamic Republic and sharia (Islamic) law was introduced. Civil war followed. In 2011, the country was divided in two: Sudan and South Sudan. This was the culmination of a long history of conflict between Muslim Arabs in the North, and Christian and indigenous Africans in the South. The situation for Christians has worsened since independence.

Persecution in the country is systematic and reminiscent of ethnic cleansing. Under the authoritarian rule of Omar al-Bashir and his party, there is no true rule of law in Sudan; freedom of expression has been almost entirely curtailed. The ethnic-cultural landscape is complicated and divisive: Arab versus Ethnic Africans, Muslims versus Christians. Historically, Islam is deeply embedded in Sudan’s society and the government is strictly implementing a one-religion, one-culture and one-language policy, which results in the persecution of Christians. Arrests, attacks and murders plague all Christian communities in the country, particularly those living in the Nuba Mountains region.

To aid persecuted believers in Sudan, Open Doors works through local partners to provide discipleship training, persecution preparedness (Standing Strong Through the Storm) and theological training, trauma care and more.

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