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Christian population 71 120 000 (5%)
Main religion Hinduism
Main threats • Religious nationalism
• Dictatorial paranoia
• Ethno-religious hostility
• Clan oppression

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given monthly could meet the most pressing needs of believers worldwide.


India is the largest democracy in the world, but even as the country touts its relative freedom and economic strength, Christians around the nation find themselves increasingly under threat.

Hostility against Christians is often driven by an ongoing belief among some Hindu extremists that Indians ought to be Hindu – and any faith outside of Hinduism is not welcome in India. This mindset has led to violent attacks across the country and impunity for the people who perpetrate this violence.

Any Christian who converts from Hinduism is the most likely to come under intense pressure or even violence. They can face constant pressure to renounce their new faith, face job loss/discrimination, endure physical assaults, and even be murdered. Church leaders are also in danger in many parts of India – extremists target them (along with their families) to create fear and chaos in the Christian community.

Meet Rishi

“Though I was attacked twice, still I can feel God’s protection in my life. I was attacked yet was not crushed. I will continue to trust my God and serve Him wherever the Lord sends me.”

Rishi (name changed), a church leader in India.

What does Open Doors do to help?

Open Doors’ local partners strengthen the Church in India by providing Bibles, emergency aid, persecution survival training, and livelihood and community development projects.

Please pray

  • Ask God to help bring about healing and a lasting peace in the troubled region of Manipur.
  • Pray that Hindu nationalists would accept Christians as fellow Indians.
  • Ask God to protect and grow His Church in every part of India.

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