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Christian population
93 396 000 (95%)
Main religion
Main threats
• Islamic oppression
• Clan oppression

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41Democratic Republic of the Congo

The situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) continues to be extremely violent and volatile for believers.

The eastern part of the DRC is home to more than 100 armed groups, some of whom specifically target followers of Jesus. This leaves Christians and churches in this region vulnerable to attacks, including murder, abduction and sexual violence. Church leaders who speak out against the violence put a target on their backs. The violence has led to a massive displacement crisis in the DRC, and many believers are among the displaced.

In parts of the country dominated by other faiths, converts from both Islam and indigenous religions can be pressured to participate in non-Christian religious activities and ceremonies. Some church leaders who have spoken out against corruption and violence have reported incidents of verbal harassment and interference because of their advocacy.

Meet Neema

“When I think of the child who is dead and the other one with the eye problem, I say to myself, God, if I had left them at home and gone off alone, maybe I could have been hurt alone. Then I remind myself that the devil came to upset God’s plan, so I say, God help me, and may You continue to comfort me.”

Neema (name changed), a Christian in the DRC who lost her son (and had another son injured) in a church attack in January 2023.

What does Open Doors do to help?

Open Doors works through local partners to support Christians in the DRC through persecution survival training, economic empowerment projects and trauma care.

Please pray

  • Pray that God would protect His people from violent attack.
  • Ask God to provide for His people who have lost everything because of displacement.
  • Pray for the hearts of the extremists to turn to the hope and truth of Jesus.

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