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Christian population
19 500 (2%)
Main religion
Main threats
• Religious nationalism

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Despite statements from the Bhutanese government declaring that religious organisations do not need to register, it remains difficult to worship with other believers in Bhutan. No churches have official recognition by the Bhutanese government, which means that technically, all Christian worship communities are illegal.

All citizens of Bhutan are expected to follow Buddhism, the state religion. Anyone who converts to Christianity will be watched with suspicion – and their surrounding community, local Buddhist leaders and family will likely try to bring them back to their former religion. Evangelical and Pentecostal communities are at risk for surveillance and raids by authorities.

Local leaders may refuse to issue Christians the needed paperwork to do basic things like apply for loans, register property, apply for jobs and renew ID cards. Additionally, the Christian community is also denied citizenship, which negatively impacts believers’ ability to conduct business, own real estate or receive higher education. Christians are also forced to follow Buddhist rituals as part of paramilitary training.

Meet James Sherpa

“[In the seminar by Open Doors partners,] I learned that we need to be faithful, trustworthy and true like Timothy. I learned that we should glorify God with our lives and that we need to accept persecution because it’s inevitable in our life. Thank you for equipping us.”

James Sherpa (name changed), a young Christian from Bhutan.

What does Open Doors do to help?

Open Doors works through local partners to strengthen persecuted Christians in Bhutan through prayer support and other practical aid.

Please pray

  • Pray for protection for Christians who found Jesus out of Buddhism.
  • Ask God for Christian communities to be able to meet without interference.
  • Pray for comfort and provision for Christians who have lost family, property or belongings because they follow Jesus.

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