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Uplift Daniela to remain hopeful through your words of encouragement

Daniela (12) lost her father, Pastor Plinio, who dared to share Christ’s love in an area controlled by drug gangs in Colombia. While playing on the street near her house, she heard two gunshots that changed her and her family’s lives forever.

Loving Jesus and living for Him can be dangerous in Colombia, where drug lords and rebels operate like lawless warlords and recruit vulnerable young people to do their dirty work for them.

Living with her mother and little brother Sebastian (5), ‘Dani’ likes drawing, and she feels inspired when looking at the sky and trees and wants to work as an illustrator when she’s grown up.

Despite having lost her father, her words of encouragement for those who care about her and other persecuted children echo the life of her martyred father, accompanied by a smile: Sé valiente y fuerte, sigue confiando en el Señor.” (Be brave and strong, keep trusting in the Lord.)

Encourage Daniela and her family to remain faithful to the Word of the Lord and Daniela to stay focused on her schoolwork and hopeful for the future by sending a letter to [email protected]

Closing date: 31st December 2022

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