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Christian population
66 000 (1.1%)
Main religion
Main threats
• Dictatorial paranoia
• Islamic oppression
• Clan oppression

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given monthly could meet the most pressing needs of believers worldwide.


Although Turkmenistan’s Constitution allows for religious freedom, there is little room for Christians to breathe, with tight restrictions and close surveillance making it very difficult for believers to express and share their faith. The totalitarian government of Turkmenistan uses a huge body of state agents to closely monitor all religious activities. The printing or importing of Christian materials is restricted.

Historical Christian communities such as the Russian Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic churches largely abide by government restrictions and so face less interference, although Sunday services may be monitored. Unregistered churches, however, such as Baptist, Evangelical and Pentecostal groups, suffer from raids, threats, arrests and fines.

Christians who come from Muslim backgrounds bear the brunt of persecution –
not just from the authorities, but from their families, friends and the local community.

Meet Azamat

“Please, tell people who pray that we can feel their prayer. Sometimes, when I’m in difficulty, I think: ‘This is the end’. But suddenly, I feel someone taking care of me. And I know that someone is praying for me.”

Azamat (name changed), an underground pastor in Central Asia.

What does Open Doors do to help?

Open Doors strengthens persecuted Christians in Central Asia by providing Bibles and Christian literature, biblical and vocational training, medical and social care, socio-economic development projects, and children’s, youth and women’s ministries.

Please pray

  • Pray that God would protect and sustain Christians converts from Islam.
  • Pray that leaders living under surveillance will be able to lead God’s people despite the dangers.
  • Pray that the authorities will see that Christians are an asset to society rather than a threat.

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