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Region Latin America
Christian population 49 079 000 (95%)
Main religion Christianity
Main threats • Organised corruption and crime
• Clan oppression

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When Colombian President Gustavo Petro came into office last year, he touted a plan for “total peace”. But church leaders continue to be harassed, extorted and murdered due to the violence around control of territories between armed guerrillas, drug gangs and other armed groups. Christians in these areas who dare to speak publicly about corruption and violence face attacks for their bold witness. Essentially, any action that a group views as defiant or opposes their illegal activities is enough to lead to violent attacks or immense pressure.

In some indigenous communities, there is sometimes significant opposition toward Christian missionaries and anyone who has converted from traditional practices to follow Jesus.

There also seems to be a growing intolerance toward Christian views in the public sphere, especially about issues concerning life, family, marriage and religious liberty. Sometimes, Christians can be accused of hate speech and intolerance, which can promote self-censorship.

Meet Thiago

“I would like to tell [the armed rebel group] that I forgive them in spite of all the evil they did, because maybe they didn’t know or hadn’t thought about what they were doing, and that I don’t … I don’t hold grudges.”

Thiago (name changed), a Colombian teenager whose brother was forcibly recruited and later murdered by an armed militia group.

What does Open Doors do to help?

Open Doors strengthens the persecuted Church in Colombia through Bible distribution, training, trauma care, community development projects, emergency relief aid, and education and safe houses for children.

Please pray

  • Ask God to protect church leaders and help them to serve Him, despite the danger.
  • Pray for strength for believers who are viewed are traitors by their indigenous groups.
  • Ask God to protect and preserve the Open Doors Children’s Centre.

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