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Zion Church persevered – thanks to your help!

After the attack on Easter Sunday last year, Zion Church’s leaders agreed on one thing: fear had no place in their church.

Though their pain was very real, so was the power of the Holy Spirt. The church rented a building for the following Sunday so there was no disruption to services.

And thanks to you, Zion Church persevered.

Pastor Roshan shared…

“Many people were in the hospitals and families were looking after them. But once they were discharged, they came back to church.”

One year has passed since the attack, but many members of Zion Church are still grieving their loved ones.

Pastor Roshan shared…

“Everyone is in so much pain. I’m weeping too. But this loss cannot take away our faith. It’s not our own strength ­– that’s grace!”

Keep Zion Church and all of Sri Lanka in your prayers this month, which is the first anniversary of the attacks.

And thank you for any gift you can give below to help support other victims of persecution in the future.

Gifts are allocated to where most urgently needed across the globe – thank you!

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