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Thank you for helping believers like Savang stand strong in their faith

Growing up in a poor family, Savang* wanted more from life. So he began training as an animist shaman at the age of 10.

Animists believe that everything from plants and animals to rivers and the weather are alive in a spiritual sense. It is a worldview deeply ingrained in the culture of Laos, where Savang has lived his entire life.

So when he and his family became Christians, their beliefs immediately turned them into outcasts in the community – and targets for local authorities.

“Our community said we no longer matter because we believe in Christ. They hurled insults and threatened to kill me, kidnap me and burn my house.”

The authorities tried to force Savang to stop preaching or any activity related to Jesus. It broke his heart, but he couldn’t stop… the more he preached, the more people came to know Christ.

As a result of sharing the Gospel, Savang even ended up imprisoned in horrible conditions for several months on false charges. Despite it all, he kept his eyes on Jesus.

Thanks to your support, Savang attended Open Doors’ Standing Strong Through the Storm training, which has equipped him to persevere in his faith. He now leads a thriving church in Laos that continues to grow.

Your generosity makes stories like Savang’s possible, strengthening the faith of believers around the world who are ostracized and persecuted for following Jesus. So thank you for your partnership.

And thank you for any gift you feel led to give today to continue helping more Christians stand strong in their faith!

Gifts are allocated to where most urgently needed across the globe – thank you!

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