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Hope can’t be destroyed

In April 2020, Pastor Jeremiah’s village in Nigeria (#7 on Open Doors’ World Watch List) was attacked in a wave of violence against Christians in the country’s Middle Belt. In this region, terrorist Fulani herdsmen push their cattle through areas where Christians have lived for generations. When these radicals attack, they do so with brutality, aiming to wipe out the Christian presence in the region.

We’ve cried to the government to intervene, but they’ve done nothing,” Pastor Jeremiah says.

When the Fulani terrorists attacked his village, they shot anyone in sight and burned homes with flaming torches. It was impossible to protect the town against heavily armed men, so everyone fled. Sadly, some Christians didn’t make it out alive.

The Fulani terrorists went from house-to-house, setting everything ablaze. They set fire to a stack of plastic chairs in the church, hoping the blaze would set the roof on fire. Yet God protected the church.

 “When we came back in the morning, all we saw was fire and smoke rising from houses and stored grains, Pastor Jeremiah says.

Pastor Jeremiah could’ve lost hope as the attacks in the Middle Belt continue. But he has chosen to shepherd his congregation through the attack towards hope.

Even if we die, we’re in the hands of God,” he says.

Thanks to you, Open Doors was able to assist Pastor Jeremiah and his congregation with critical support to buy food, medicine and materials to rebuild their homes. Offering spiritual support and trauma care has helped encourage them in their faith and strengthen the church.

 “If you had not come, we would’ve suffered even more,” Pastor Jeremiah says. “Open Doors, on behalf of my people, we are saying thank you.

Praise the Lord for the resilience of believers like Pastor Jeremiah! Pray for continued wisdom, courage and strength for Pastor Jeremiah and many other church leaders in Nigeria as they shepherd our family of faith and point them towards forgiveness and hope.

We praise the Lord for you, who continue to stand with our family of faith, despite the difficulties you may face during this time. Thank you for keeping hope alive when persecution strikes through your prayers and support.

You help to remind our family of faith of God’s provision in their time of need. Please continue to pray for them and today, if you’re able to give, please prayerfully consider giving to continue to keep hope alive so that even when they’re persecuted, they can be a beacon of hope to one another and a witness for Christ.


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