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Fleeing North Korea: Would you go back for the Gospel?

For the first time, Afghanistan is now the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian. North Korea changed to number two on the list. Not because life in North Korea has become easier for believers: it hasn’t. In fact, persecution in North Korea is the worst it has ever been.

Like many others in North Korea, our sister, Bae*, an underground church leader has to keep her faith a secret. Once, she managed to escape to China, where she got vital food, medicine and shelter at a safe house run by Open Doors fieldworkers. Yet, she courageously chose to return to North Korea – taking crucial aid and a precious Bible with her. This has been a lifeline for her and her small secret house church.

Bae managed to smuggle out a letter written to Open Doors supporters. Watch her story here:

It’s vital we continue to be that strand of hope for courageous believers like Bae in North Korea and so many others, facing extreme persecution. God has not forgotten them, and neither should we!

Today, more than 360 million of our brothers and sisters suffer high levels of persecution and discrimination. That’s 1 in 7 Christians worldwide. But the bigger the threat of persecution, the bigger our vision of hope needs to be. You can be part of our vision to reach twice as many of the world’s most persecuted Christians we reach now by 2025. Stand as one with our family of faith.

Your support today can mean that a secret believer will not have to face extreme persecution alone.

  • Every R288 could give two secret believers a Bible each.
  • Every R400 could provide discipleship training to 5 secret believers.
  • Every R800 could provide one month of emergency food, medicine and clothing to a family of refugees fleeing extreme persecution in Afghanistan.

Thank you so much for your love for Christians who are following Jesus no matter the cost.

*Name changed for security reasons

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