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Region Middle East
Christian population 170 000 (1.6%)
Main religion Islam
Main threats • Clan oppression
• Islamic oppression

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In general, Jordan is more tolerant of Christianity, particularly compared to some other places in the region. The monarchy of King Abdullah II has recognised multiple churches and allows these communities to worship freely, as long as they don’t preach publicly or reach out to Muslims. But even Christians in these communities report facing some level of discrimination in the workplace. And the Jordanian state actively monitors all approved churches.

Any Christian who is active in evangelism, is known to support converts from Islam, belongs to an unrecognised church, or is a convert from Islam, can experience pressure. Christians who convert from Islam can face threats of beating and killings, especially from their families and communities. If their conversion becomes known, all official documents (including marriage certificates, mortgages, etc.) they have signed will automatically become invalid.

Outside forces also have an impact on life for Christians within Jordan. Radicalised Muslims who fought in Iraq and Syria have returned home, and a number of highly conservative Muslim teachers influenced from surrounding countries (particularly Saudi Arabia) are potentially a danger to Christians and other minority groups in Jordan.

Meet Tareq

“I used to be a bully, a troublemaker. I’m a new creation now in Jesus Christ. I look more and more like Him.”

Tareq (name changed).

What does Open Doors do to help?

Open Doors works with local partners in Jordan to raise prayer and support Christians through training, relief aid and rehabilitation projects.

Please pray

  • Ask God to make His presence known to Jordanian Christians from Muslim backgrounds.
  • Praise God that Christians have more freedom in Jordan than elsewhere in the region.
  • Pray that God would open doors for Christians to share their faith safely and wisely.

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