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Region Middle East
Leader King Abdullah II
Population 7 877 000
Christian 1.6%
Main Religion Islam
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Rank 21
Score 66
Previous Rank 27
Previous Score 63

“Christianity is not just something that is on your ID. You have to be born again in Christ and live as a real believer.” (Every government-issued ID in Jordan mentions one’s religion.)

Jordanian society is multi-ethnic – something which is also reflected in the monarchy of Jordan. The country hosts large groups of refugees, mostly from Iraq and Syria, which leads to economic, political and religious pressure, all of which is potentially destabilising. The number of Christians in the country has been declining for half a century. For a long time, Jordan was one of the most liberal countries in the region in terms of freedom of religion. The tide, however, seems to be turning for Christians – especially for Christian converts from a Muslim background, who suffer the greatest degree of persecution. They often face interrogations from the police or even abduction by family members.

In cooperation with local partners and churches, Open Doors is supporting the Church in Jordan through discipleship training, relief and rehabilitation, and research.

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