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You’re strengthening Christian converts in China

Believers from Muslim or Buddhist backgrounds are the most persecuted Christian groups in China – especially those from a Tibetan Buddhist background. One of their burning needs is for more Bibles in their own language, so they can be strengthened in their faith as they face persecution from China’s Communist government – and even their own family.

Many of these Christian converts can’t speak Mandarin, the language used by most people in China. And many of these believers are also illiterate, so they need audio and video versions of the Gospel.

“We need as many Bibles in our own languages as possible,” says Chandaka*, a church leader for Christians from a Muslim background. “We don’t know where to find [these Bibles], so please bring as many as you can. Many brothers and sisters need them!”

However, the government’s increased security control and restrictions make producing and delivering Christian books and electronic materials dangerous. And since many of these believers live in remote areas, there’s a great need for support to translate the Bible so they can understand it, and safely deliver God’s Word into their hands.

Despite these challenges, your partnership with Open Doors is opening the way to provide more believers with their own Bible. Your support helps produce and deliver Bibles and other Christian materials to these believers who long for the comfort and strength of God’s Word.

Thank you for your partnership in helping bring the Word of God to these believers in a way they can understand.

If you could see the joy that it brings to these believers when they receive their own Bible, you’d agree it’s worth the risk…

When Han* – a local Christian who converted from Islam – received his very own Bible in his own language, his eyes lit up as if he’d found treasure. “Thank you so much!” he exclaimed. “I’ve been dreaming about having a Bible for so long!”

When Chinese believers receive their own Bible, it helps them learn more about God and strengthens them to follow only Him in a culture of polytheism, where worshipping more than one god is the norm and encouraged.

Thank you for your partnership in helping bring the Word of God to these believers in a way they can understand. You’re helping strengthen believers in some of the most remote areas of China. Please pray with us that the Lord will protect these persecuted Christian converts in China, as well as your Open Doors co-workers on the ground, as they meet to develop, translate and safely deliver these faith-building Christian materials.

*Names changed and representative images used for security reasons.

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