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World Watch Update: Eritrea

Region: East Africa
2018 World Watch List Position: #6
Leader: President Isaias Afwerki
Population: 5 482 000 (46.3% are Christian)
Main Religion: Islam, Christianity (Orthodox)
Government: Presidential Republic
Sources of Persecution: Denominational Protectionism and Dictatorial Paranoia

The Eritrean government views Christians as agents of the West and hence a threat to their power. As a result, the arrest, harassment and murder of Christians are commonplace. In addition, Christians are vulnerable to attack, as Muslims in the country become more radicalised. Also, conversion to Christianity is seen as a betrayal of community, family and the Islamic faith. Thousands of Christians are imprisoned in Eritrea in miserable conditions – some are kept in inhumane shipping containers. Many have been imprisoned for decades, with some dying in prison all because of their Christian faith.

Please remember and pray for Christians in Eritrea:

  • For believers incarcerated in horrific conditions, pray for God to strengthen them and enable them to reflect Jesus to their captors.
  • For the president, pray for a change of heart and that he finds true life in Christ.
  • For Christ-followers who’ve fled Eritrea due to persecution or war, pray they’ll find comfort and support.
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