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Thank you for helping Hellen bear the cost of discipleship!

Both Hellen* and her husband suffered from addictions: Drugs and alcohol ruled their lives. Every day they would both abuse these substances in front of their children.

One day Hellen stumbled upon a Christian TV show that stirred her heart towards God. As a result, she made a crucial decision that day to give her life to Jesus and repent of her sins. He was the answer she had been looking for! Soon thereafter, her life began to change dramatically, in both good and bad ways.

“I will leave you if you become a Protestant Christian,” her husband told her. Hellen couldn’t understand why he hated her decision so much, as it freed her from her addictions and made her a much better mother to their children. Regardless, he left without any goodbyes and no money to help her care for her sons.

When Open Doors heard about Hellen and began partnering with her church, she received the help she so desperately needed. This is a result of the gifts and prayers of friends just like you.

“I thought we were about to die. But there is nothing but peace in my house now. I have never had such a treasure before. I cannot thank Him enough.”

Although Hellen has become thoroughly aware of the cost of discipleship, you helped her experience the faithfulness of God. Thank you!

And thank you for any gift you are led to give today to help others like Hellen to continue following Jesus, even when the cost is so high.

*Name has been changed for security reasons.

Gifts are allocated to where most urgently needed across the globe – thank you!

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