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Testimony: Our family of faith can continue to shine God’s light

Looking back on the past year, we once again stand in awe of God’s provision in the lives of our persecuted family of faith.

Thanks to our faithful partners, many persecuted Christians around the world could continue to shine the light of Christ in their communities as their physical and spiritual needs were met.

Our complete 2021 Impact Report will only be released in June, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of how, through your love and generosity, Open Doors’ field teams and frontline partners could meet the most urgent needs of our family throughout 2021.

Your support helped restore the dignity of men, women and children in 2021. Men and women could take care of their families through the practical help and emergency relief you helped make possible. They and their families could receive the trauma care they needed after facing persecution. Children who face bullying and neglect at school could attend Christian education classes and see themselves in Bible stories.

Your impact in 2021


In the lives of Afghan Christians

Vulnerable believers fleeing the new regime in Afghanistan received emergency relief, thanks to you. For those who bravely chose to remain, to be light in the darkness, your prayers bring great hope.


In Southeast Asia

Bibles are almost impossible to get in Laos. If you do find one, it costs almost two weeks’ salary for the average rural worker. Your support helped provide 250 Bibles to believers in one Bible delivery trip, and this ignited their faith.


In North Korea

Even in the most dangerous place on earth to be a Christian, you ignited hope. Your support helped supply food, medicines and clothes to 60 000 believers through our networks in neighbouring China. You also helped provide in-person biblical training to North Korean believers at our partners’ safe houses.


In Syria and Iraq

Christians living under the shadow of persecution now have Centres of Hope, thanks to your support. In Iraq alone, 125 churches have become Centres of Hope. These beacons of light in a dark place offer discipleship training, income-generating projects and trauma healing workshops.


In Nigeria

Hundreds of Nigerian orphans, who lost their parents to persecution, have been offered scholarships. Your support brought light to their darkness and offered a bright future.

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In India

You stood with believers facing religious violence. Because of your support, Preetha* received life-saving hospital treatment. She’d been attacked for her faith then denied medical treatment. “Had Open Doors partners not helped, I would have died,” said Preetha.

Thanks to you, hope was ignited in the lives of persecuted Christians around the world – and their faith could shine brightly during 2021 and beyond. Men, women and children could learn that God loves them and begin to make sense of the persecution that has affected their lives because of your prayers and support throughout the year.

In this new year, your support continues to be vital for them to thrive amid persecution. Please continue to pray for them and today, if you’re able to give, please prayerfully consider giving to help them to continue to stand strong for Jesus no matter what they may face.

*Name changed for security reasons.

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