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Your prayers and support are a lifeline to Christians

The 10th of May marked Open Doors Southern Africa’s 50th anniversary. We stand in awe of God’s grace and provision. Without Him, we couldn’t have helped strengthen the persecuted Church for so long. We’re so humbled by how His hand has been over us as an organisation all these years. And for you, our partners, who have stood alongside us over the years.

We also thank all of you who were able to attend the in-person and online event. It was such a blessing to celebrate this milestone with you. Your well wishes and presence reminded us once again of how we are part of the Body of Christ and that “If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honoured, every part rejoices with it.” (1 Corinthians 12:26).

Your ongoing prayers and support are vital for our persecuted brothers and sisters. See what Helen, a persecuted Christian, has to say about your prayers. Watch the video below.

Looking at Helen’s video, we’re reminded of the many persecuted Christians like Helen we’ve been able to assist over the past 50 years because of you. And we can say with confidence that even in the tough times, God has been good.

Just last year, when the world was struck by Covid-19, God once again reminded us of His faithfulness through you, our partners. When the needs of our persecuted family increased due to Covid-19, you were there stretching out a helping hand, even though you were also impacted by the pandemic.

In countries like India, where Christians were last in line to receive much-needed relief aid, you extended them a lifeline of hope through your prayers and support.

An Open Doors partner in India, Rajesh*, shared: “They [persecuted Christians] were uncertain what they would eat tomorrow. When we reached them with food packages, many of them started crying and saying that it was the answer to their prayers. They thanked the Lord, saying: ‘You’re sent by the Lord to us in these crucial times, and this has strengthened our faith because the Lord has answered our prayers.’”

A widow from Ethiopia, Abebu, said of your prayers and support: “To my family who has supported me… who prayed to God on our behalf: We wouldn’t be here and wouldn’t have anything (without you). May God bless those who are concerned about us and assist them.”

Another believer, Linda*, from the Southern Philippines said: “I’m so thankful. I don’t have rice at home because my child isn’t earning anything, yet I’ve received help today. God has heard my prayer yesterday! I thank God for everyone.”

These are just a few of the believers whose lives you are impacting with your love and support.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support for our persecuted family in Christ! You’re giving hope to those in the Body of Christ who are fighting on the frontlines of our faith. Today, if you’re able to give, please prayerfully ask the Lord how you can stand with them as the pandemic continues to impact them on top of the everyday persecution.

*Names changed for security reasons.

Gifts are allocated to where most urgently needed across the globe – thank you!

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