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Sarah has become a force for the Gospel

Sarah*, a timid young woman in her 20s who grew up in a staunch Muslim family in East Africa, where everyone she knew also followed Islam, went against all she was familiar with when she found healing in Christ.

Having suffered from debilitating headaches that no concoction, incantation and rituals could heal, Sarah decided she would no longer go through the healing rituals.

A request to accompany some Christians in her village to church to take care of one of the younger Christian children was just the invitation she needed for a seed to be planted in her heart, which grew to encourage her to make the decision to follow the Lord.

Watch her testimony below. As you watch her testimony, may you be encouraged and reminded by Sarah’s story that it’s in Christ we find true healing.

Thank you for your support that made it possible for Open Doors partners to be present when Sarah was alone and gifted her with the spiritual and emotional care she needed through the Open Doors Discovery Bible Study, persecution preparedness training and trauma healing seminars.

Although Sarah continues to experience persecution from her community, her conviction about sharing the Gospel outweighs the worry about persecution. The knowledge gained during Open Doors training gave her the tools to uplift her family members and the strength to start a home group, where she continues to share the Gospel.

“I’ve learnt a lot, I received assistance from the training which I passed to my group, and it has helped them.”

Thank you for helping believers such as Sarah to continue standing firm through persecution.

The number of believers attending the training and seminars continues to grow as believers face persecution.

 Be family to believers who face persecution for believing in Christ by supporting them through your prayers and gifts. Your gifts can help support programmes and trainings like the Discovery Bible Study in East Africa and other places where believers are persecuted for our faith. So, if you’re able to give, please prayerfully consider giving to help them continue to spread the Gospel.

 *Name changed for security reason.

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