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Sri Lankan pastors are strengthened in the storm – thanks to you!

Life is dangerous for Christians living in Sri Lanka. When Pastor Nalaka* encouraged other believers to share the Gospel with their neighbours, an angry mob of 200 people went to his home to attack his family.

And Pastor Nalin* faced persecution after a mother and daughter stopped by his house and asked if they could borrow a Bible to read. He kindly lent them his son’s Bible – but he was soon summoned to the police station where 15 monks accused him of trying to convert Buddhists. He says:

“I told them I’d never done that. But they said, ‘How can you say you haven’t done that? You gave a Bible to someone who was passing by your house and tried to convert them.’”

Nalaka and Nalin continue to face persecution for their faith and ministry work. Thankfully, you’ve been there to help them stand strong.

When Nalin was beaten, friends like you helped cover his medical expenses through Open Doors’ partner the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka. And generous friends like you enabled both Nalin and Nalaka to attend Standing Strong Through the Storm training. That makes a powerful difference, as Nalin explains:

“I was able to call some lessons to mind when going through persecution.”

Thank you for supporting Nalin, Nalaka and many other Christian leaders, so they can continue their ministry work in places like Sri Lanka!

*Names changed for security reasons.

Generous friends like you enabled both Nalin* and Nalaka* to attend 'Standing Strong Through the Storm' training, thank you!
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