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Meet our guest speaker

Pastor Karim

For the past 21 years, Pastor Karim has actively been ministering to Muslim communities in India, despite severe persecution. Although he has walked a magnificent path with God and served the persecuted Church for many years, his decision to do so came at an immense cost.

Being from a conservative Muslim family, Karim was shocked to find Christian literature sent to him by an organisation. For some reason, he could not bring himself to throw the books away and so he began to read them. The more he read the more he wanted to know, and so began his journey with God.

A few years later, after marrying a Christian girl, Karim announced his faith to his family. Karim’s brothers chained him up, beat him and were ready to kill him when he refused to divorce his wife and denounce his faith. To this day Karim and his family are serving God and the persecuted Church. Despite facing persecution and having lost his own family, Karim is thankful to be a child of God.

*Representative image used for security reasons.

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