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Protect the world’s most threatened Christians

“You must leave,” local Colombian authorities told Pastor Eduardo and his wife, Carolina. “If you return to this area, we will do more than destroy your home. We will kill you.”

Hundreds of Colombian believers have been displaced for refusing to participate in traditional practices like witchcraft. In Muslim countries, hundreds more believers are pursued by angry relatives and neighbours who want to kill them for abandoning Islam.

Every year, thousands of persecuted Christians worldwide find themselves homeless, hiding, unemployed and terrified. They don’t know where to go, who to trust or what they should do next.

Your gift will provide secure, emergency safe houses for persecuted believers in crisis. At these safe houses, they’ll also receive counselling and discipleship training, as well as vocational skills training or micro loans to help them start a new life.

Thank you for your gift below to help protect and support the world’s most at-risk believers. You’re not only helping to save their lives – but you’re also showing them they’re loved and valued members of God’s family.

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