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As a BIBLEGIVERS 4THEM athlete, Open Doors challenges you to do one race for them… our persecuted family through one of the following:

Register as an athlete

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Sponsor an athlete

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Register as a BIBLEGIVERS 4THEM athlete

  1. REGISTER WITH OPEN DOORS: As soon as your Open Doors registration has been processed you will receive a sponsor number from us and a letter that you can give to potential sponsors.
  2. REGISTER FOR A RACE: Decide what race you want to take part in and register for it.
  3. GET SPONSORS: Ask individuals, your church or cell group to sponsor you for the race. Sponsors will be able to donate money directly into the Open Doors bank account; the information will be provided in the letter we will send to you.
  4. TRAIN: Training is of course one of the most important thing to do before any event, but as you train remember to work on those sponsors!
  5. ENJOY THE RACE: Make a difference by completing your race for the persecuted Church.

Registration Form

Sponsor a BIBLEGIVERS 4THEM athlete

Without the knowledge and wisdom of God’s Word, many believers lack the strength to stand strong in the face of persecution and extreme suffering.

But you can make an enduring impact on the growth of our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. Sponsor a BIBLEGIVERS 4THEM athlete now! In doing so, you will help us to be more effective in assisting our persecuted family.

Please complete the form below and, if you know the reference number of the athlete you wish the sponsor, please select it from the list provided below.

  • You will be directed to Payfast's website for an easy and secure donation to Open Doors when you click the 'Sponsor Now' Button
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