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Dear partner of the persecuted Church,

In a country that’s home to over one billion people, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could feel alone. And yet, that’s exactly how many of our brothers and sisters in India feel. Thankfully amid the persecution, oppression and isolation they’re not forgotten. And because of this, they’re resilient in serving Christ amid the darkness…

The Resilience…

Peace amid persecution

“The people who are against me, I have forgiven them, and after forgiving them I feel peace in my heart. ”

Mohan*, after choosing to forgive those who persecuted him, his wife and parents for their faith.


Desire to share the Gospel

“I want to spend more time learning about God, so that one day I can return with the Gospel… It’s my deep desire to share God’s Word. I want to tell everyone that Jesus didn’t just die for foreigners. He died for everyone. That’s my message to the people in my village, to the people in India and to people outside of our country.”

Bahia*, after going to Bible School to strengthen her faith so she can return and share the Gospel with those who persecuted her.


We’re pro-Jesus

“God is not absent; He is at work. He is in control. He is supreme. The Lord is our strength, but our Father in heaven works through others. He has laid it on our hearts to connect with Christians around the world, and to work together to make a difference. We are not anti-Hindu. We are pro-Jesus and we want to display His all-encompassing love to India.”

Pastor Samuel*, on Christians in India, whose heart is to show the love of Jesus.

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