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Nigeria voted as Leah Sharibu entered 6th year in captivity | Nigeria

On Saturday, 25 February, Nigerians went to the polling stations to vote for a new president as President Muhammadu Buhari prepares to step down after two terms in office. A few days before voting the 19th of February marked Leah Sharibu’s 6th year in captivity.

The vote went ahead mostly peacefully, despite some ransacked polling stations and late starts at many others. In some areas polling stations were open late into the evening after they opened late due to logistical challenges.

Pray for continued calm even after the results are released and that the new president will serve in the best interest of all citizens.


More earthquakes hit | Syria and Turkey

At the beginning of February on the 6th of February Syria and Turkey were hit by earthquakes in which more than 35 000 people died and over 60 000 people were injured. Sadly, two weeks after the earthquakes on the 20th of February earthquakes once again hit both countries causing panic among people.

People ran to the streets again, and many didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in their houses again. There are reports that some already unstable buildings collapsed.

Pray that the Lord will comfort the people and for the staff of our local partners as they response to the needs of the people affected by the earthquakes.


War continues to ravage villages | Myanmar

Two years after the military coup on 1 February 2021, the atrocity of the war in Myanmar continues to ravage villages in the country. The junta continues to burn houses and properties of the civilians in almost all the places they engage in fighting.

Local believer U Thant* from one of the conflict areas contacted Open Doors partner U Min Aye* and informed: “They are burning the houses and motorcycles to the ground. Fortunately, no one died when the bombs were fired because we all fled to the jungle and hid there.”

 U Thant and his fellow villagers are living in the jungle. Thankfully through your prayers and support some food and warm blankets could be given to U Thant and fellow villagers. He requests prayer for safety and survival, that the war will end and that he and other villagers can return home.

Pray that the war in the country will end and for safety and provision for those caught in the crossfire.


*Names changed for security reasons

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