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Latest violence has put Christians at even more risk | Sudan

Over the last few weeks, Sudan has once again plunged into violence. The United Nations has recently estimated that more than 100 000 people have fled the country to get away from the fighting, and an additional 334 000 people have been internally displaced.

The fighting between the two armed forces – the National Army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – could have severe implications for Christians in Sudan, not only in the country but also elsewhere across the region.

Pray for the Lord to give wisdom to the political and military commanders of Sudan, so that they come to their senses and stop this war.


Ethno-religious violence continues | India

A month since the violence broke out in Manipur between the Kuki tribe and the Meitei community, there seems to be no stop to the violence between the two groups and no recess for the victims of violence.

The violence has stemmed from the conflict between several ethnic groups who live in Manipur. The ethnic group with the biggest population, the Meitei, is mostly Hindu. One of the other groups, the Kuki tribe, is majority Christian. Their primary disagreements are about who qualifies for preferential treatment from the government, which is usually reserved for less prosperous groups like the Kuki. The Kuki held a rally on 3 May 2023 to protest against changes to these policies – and they were attacked violently.

Pray that God will intervene in the hearts and minds of the officials, that they will seek the truth and bring justice.


Christians asked to pay a fine to stop persecution | Mexico

Since January 2023, at least ten evangelical families in the community of San Isidro*, Mexico, have been denied access to drinking water and electricity, and many have had to leave the community due to the physical violence, plundering of their crops and threats to deprive their children of schooling. In addition to this situation, there has been a division between some of the brothers and their pastors, who have withdrawn legal advice.

On 25 May, five families, the only ones that chose to take support from Open Doors, attended a meeting where they were informed they must pay a fine of $1 389USD (approx. R27 247) per family in the next two months to stop the persecution and avoid expulsion from their community.

Open Doors intends to assist them in paying these fines, as well as in developing an initiative that will allow them to live since their land and crops were seized from them.

Pray for the authorities of the community to keep their word to cease the persecution after the payment of the fines, and to allow the brothers to remain within the community.


*Name of the community changed for security reasons.

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