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General elections results leave people divided | Southern Philippines

On the 9th of May, the Philippines held its general election. The day before the general election, tensions were high, and there were rumours of something taking place on the day of the election.

Sadly, on that day, six people were killed and dozens injured in around 16 separate poll-related incidents in the Southern Philippines. There was ballot snatching, armed clashes between political rivals, shootings and explosions. Although an Open Doors field partner was saddened by civilians being injured in the shootouts and the grenade blasts, he expressed relief that no believers he knew were in the area.

When the results came out the next day, many showed their disappointment. A group of rallyists gathered outside the Philippines’ Comelec to express their disapproval of the results of the presidential and vice-presidential votes.

 Pray for the new Philippine government and the members who will represent the citizens of the Philippines and that the unity of the body of Christ may prevail, despite differing political views


A Day of Violence Between Pro and Anti-Government Crowds | Sri Lanka

In May, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa was forced to resign following the death of five people, including a ruling party member of parliament, during violent clashes. It’s reported that over 200 civilians and police officers have been injured in the clashes.

On 9 May, violence broke out when supporters of the presiding government attacked peaceful protesters with sticks and clubs in the capital. This happened after weeks of peaceful anti-government protests. Homes, vehicles, buses, and trucks used by supporters were set alight, with women, priests and civilians being beaten by the angry mobs. Following the violence, a 7-day island-wide curfew was imposed in Sri Lanka.

Pray for the spirit of violence to cease in Sri Lanka and for righteous and wise leaders will be appointed who will lead Sri Lanka out of its economic crisis.


Young Christian female student brutally killed | Nigeria

On the 12th of May, Deborah Samuel Yakubu, a Home Economics student and Christian, was brutally attacked and murdered by a group of male Muslim students at Shehu Shagari College of Education in Wamako, Sokoto State, Nigeria. Apparently, she reacted to peers posting religious (Islamic) information on a school group chat created for academic matters.

It’s alleged that she used a blasphemous word in her voice, note but sources told Open Doors that she commented that Jesus is great, and He helped her pass her exams, which offended the students. We have been unable to confirm this claim.

The attack caused severe unrest with the college closing and students directed to vacate the campus. We are working on getting more details and updating this report once we know more.

Pray that God comforts Deborah’s family and friends as they mourn and that God will protect Christians as such incidents have sparked cycles of violence in the past.


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