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In the trenches

Hadija* is a health care professional in her village in Turkmenistan. Her husband is a devout Muslim who forces her to pray five times a day and fast during Ramadan. He is unaware that Hadija converted to Christianity.

She learnt that she could pray in Jesus’ name and God would hear and answer her. “That was such an amazing revelation,” Hadija shares. “That my great God and Creator could speak to me! It touched me so deeply.”

One day her husband almost caught her reading the New Testament. She pretended to be saying Muslim prayers, but when he left, she prayed in Jesus’ name.

“I pray in the name of Jesus every day. I like praying so much, and I do it anytime and everywhere. It heals my heart and fills me with love for other people.”

Pray for Hadija and many other secret Christians like her – especially during Ramadan from 15 May to 14 June. Pray for their loved ones to receive Christ as well. Thank you!

*Name changed and representative photo used for security reasons.

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