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Here is the impact your prayers and gifts made this year.

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In 2022, when persecution increased and intensified in violence, you stood resolutely alongside our brothers and sisters.

This year, you can continue to partner with us in expanding the Kingdom of God in dangerous places.  

We are trusting God to enable us to help our persecuted family shine the light of Christ in these places by reaching our local goal for 2023, so we can grant more than R19 million this year to support them. 

Thank you for standing with us in being Jesus’s hands and feet for our family of faith as they risk their very lives for our faith. Together we can faithfully support and impact their lives for the Kingdom.

Donate below.

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  • You will be directed to Payfast's website for an easy and secure donation to Open Doors when you click the 'Donate Now' Button
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*Gifts will be allocated to the most urgent Open Doors projects across the world.  

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