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In Yemen, one of the most dangerous places to follow Jesus, Saleh* bravely leads the underground church.

His phone beeps ominously. “They are searching for you,” a text message reads. “You are dead.” The words are sinister. But they won’t stop this courageous Yemeni evangelist from telling people about Jesus.

 “If we sit at home and do nothing, we would be safe,” says Saleh. “But what kind of Christians would we be if we weren’t risking our lives for others to know Life?”

Brave believers are sharing the Good News of Jesus in the darkest place.

How? With your support.

“Without you, we won’t be able to serve the Church. Your prayers are important and uplifting, giving us strength to keep going,” says Saleh.

Our family living in countries with the most extreme persecution (like Somalia, Libya, Eritrea and Yemen) urgently need your support and prayers.

Will you help Christians who are risking everything to proclaim the Gospel in the darkest places on earth?

R250 helps an isolated believer hear God speak through a regular radio broadcast.

R1 050 provides a food package to the most persecuted believers to keep them alive.

R1 600 trains a Christian to withstand persecution in one of the world’s darkest places.

*Name changed for security reasons

**Any excess funds will be used to strengthen other persecuted Christians where urgent help is needed.

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