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“You have never seen our faces or know our names, but you love us,” says a secret believer from North Korea.  

It’s true. You may never meet, yet you can show a secret believer that God loves them. You can show them that even though they feel alone, they belong to a family. A family that cares, prays and provides for them, even as the Open Doors World Watch List 2021 shows extreme persecution rising around the world. 

 Please stand with secret believers for the long term. Pray and give today. 

  • Every R280 could provide food, medicine and shelter for a North Korean believer fleeing extreme persecution.  
  • Every R650 could give a Bible to five believers from a country where Christians face extreme persecution. 
  • Every R1350 could give access to a safe house and emergency relief for a North Korean believer fleeing persecution. 


In the event more funds are raised than are needed for this campaign, it may be used in another area of great need.

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