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Deborah is reaching Muslim women in the Philippines

– thanks to friends like you helping her read the Bible

Deborah* comes from the Tausug tribe in the Philippines – a revered Muslim ethnic group whose people are treated with great respect. Except for those like Deborah who gave her life to Christ. People ridicule her, mock her and call her crazy.

She was once a woman who’d fight with anyone over anything. But now she isn’t bothered by what people say about her. She’s a transformed woman who chooses only those battles that are for God’s glory.

Even when she faced poverty because she’d left Islam, she refused to give up her faith. “I told the Lord, ‘Lord, if this is what You’ll give us, that we won’t be able to eat tonight, or even if it would go on for how many days, I still won’t give up my faith in You,’” she shares.

Today, the Lord uses Bible literacy training, supported by friends like you through Open Doors, to help her continue to grow in her faith. “I really thank God for the Bible literacy training. Before, I didn’t know how to read the Bible.”

Through the literacy training, Deborah was able to lead her own Bible study at her home. Now, along with the women in her church, she reaches out to the Muslim community in the southern Philippines.

Praise God for partners like you who support this Bible literacy training, so women like Deborah can grow in their faith and be salt and light in their communities.

*Name changed for security reasons.

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