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Show vulnerable Christians in Central Asia the face of Christ

Most Central Asian countries have been under COVID-19 lockdowns since the first quarter of the year, leaving many believers jobless, isolated, and starving. Open Doors worker Saida*, who regularly connects with Central Asian believers in seven countries, shared about the lockdowns’ devastating effects on believers. She says the situation got so bad that in some remote areas, families of believers have even had to eat grass to survive.

We had a report from the countryside about some deaf people. They had to take the grass in their gardens and eat the grass because they had no food. They were ignored and weren’t given social help, like food packages… only because they are Christians. It’s a really awful situation,” Open Doors worker Saida shares.

Sadly, this is the reality for many of our brothers and sisters who are excluded from social care and support because of their faith. For some, persecution is even harder because believers are locked down with their persecutors. “I know of an elderly female believer who needs help. She’s completely ignored by the Muslim side of her family. They don’t give her any care.”

You can help to support believers like these by giving a gift today.

Saida says even if it’s hard, the Church finds a way to send food and make intentional visits.

Since the pandemic broke out, Open Doors local partners in Central Asia have been reaching out to Believers from a Muslim Background affected by government lockdowns. To date, we have reached 2 000 families (an estimated 10 000-12 000 people) with food aid and other practical help, but there are still many more families in need of assistance and support.

“If it hadn’t been for the food packages, the people would be hungry for longer,” she shares.

That’s why your gift below is so important to help these vulnerable believers survive this trying time. So they may know that even in the face of a global pandemic, they are not forgotten and never alone.

 Please consider giving today to help them in their time of need. Your gift will not go unnoticed.   

*Name changed for security reasons.

Gifts are allocated to where most urgently needed across the globe – thank you!

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