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You’re standing with Believers from a Muslim Background in China

All believers in China face persecution for their faith from the state. But the few thousand Believers from a Muslim Background (BMBs) also live in fear of persecution from their families and communities.

Victor, a Han Chinese pastor and discipler, observed first-hand how his BMB wife was treated by the Muslim community because of her Christian faith. Through this personal experience, he felt led by God to serve BMBs in similar situations.

So Open Doors put him in contact with Grace, a woman involved in the leadership of BMB churches. Many in her church have stopped coming together, because the local government has implemented regulations with serious punishments ranging from unemployment to imprisonment for illegal religious activities.

“Brothers and sisters are under much pressure, and [they] fear they might lose their jobs or other freedoms. We don’t know what to do to encourage them,” Grace shared.

Thankfully, through your support, Grace and another leader in her church were able to attend a mentorship programme led by Pastor Victor. This greatly encouraged them and helped them continue serving in such a harsh environment.

“We’re grateful that you make such an effort to come to us, and you can’t imagine how much encouragement you have brought us,” Grace told Pastor Victor. And to you she says, “Thanks for letting me feel that I’m never alone here.”

Despite the tightening government restrictions on Christian activities and the constant pressure facing BMBs in China, believers like Grace are being strengthened in their faith thanks to the persecution-related training, discipleship training, leadership development and Christian materials you help provide through your partnership.

So thank you for standing with her, and so many others, through your gifts and prayers.

*Representative image used.

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