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You’re raising up strong Christian women in Indonesia

God is using your partnership to transform the lives of many female Believers from a Muslim Background (BMBs) in Indonesia, where a repressive, patriarchal culture rules every aspect of life.

Aro*, an Open Doors ministry partner, identifies young BMB women who show potential to be leaders. These secret believers and future leaders are united by one mission: to expand God’s Kingdom and love on earth.

Many years ago, Diva* (19, pictured above) thought the holiest person was Muhammad. It was only after her Christian mentor, whom she met “by chance”, challenged her to dig deeper that she discovered Jesus was the only way to salvation.

Today, using what she has learnt through the discipleship classes and books you’ve helped provide, she says…

“It has grown my faith and made me more aware of myself: who created me, for what purpose, and what I have to do in life. I’ve shared it [with] my parents and campus friends, and a few of the latter have become believers.”

But it’s not just Diva’s life that has been changed through these discipleship classes. Annually, you help build up over 800 new believers in their faith, as these classes provide a supportive community for believers where they can grow spiritually and be empowered to share the Good News in their community.

Thank you for helping raise fearless leaders in places like Indonesia to help advance God’s Kingdom where faith costs the most!

*Names changed for security reasons.

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