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World Watch Update: Middle East

Main Religion: Islam
Main source of Persecution: Islamic Oppression

In most places in the Middle East, it’s a one-way street – to Islam only. And in those places where becoming a Christian is legally permitted, there are social and cultural restrictions.

In Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, converting to Christianity is illegal. So if a person is found to be a Christian, they face imprisonment and in some cases even death. In Syria and Iraq, Christians are targeted by Islamic militant groups such as the Islamic State (IS). In Libya, Christian persecution is fuelled by the state of anarchy and violent conflict in which Islamic militias are active. In Egypt, Christians face increased violence as IS has vowed to wipe them out. And in the Palestinian Territories, increased Islamic radicalisation throughout society is making Christian conversion more dangerous.

With this is mind, please pray for your brothers and sisters:

  • Pray that Christians in the Middle East will remain steadfast in faith amid the pressure and persecution they face.
  • Pray they will be shining lights for Christ to their family, friends and communities who are often their persecutors.
  • Pray that God will do a mighty work in the lives of those who persecute Christians – may they come to know Christ as their Saviour.
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