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A few years ago, when Hadija (15) became a Christian, she faced severe beatings and denial of food from her father. One Sunday in December 2012, the beatings were so bad that Mellina, a lady she had befriended at church, intervened and became Hadija’s guardian.

Last year Hadija and Mellina told us how your letters haven’t only encouraged them. Mellina explains, “These letters have encouraged me to tell people what God has done for us. They’ve been an encouragement to me and Hadija, but also [to] other people in the community.” Your letters helped encouraged Mellina’s colleague Jay*, for example, whose Muslim husband tried to kill her and their children because she wouldn’t convert.

Your words of encouragement are tokens to Hadija, Mellina and their community of God’s love for them and it reminds them that they’re not forgotten. Hadija and Mellina both say, “Thank you to everyone who has written to us. Bless you. Glory be to God.”

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