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Kamala determined to stay strong in her faith

You may not always see the impact of your prayers and support, but just like a skipping stone is thrown across the water, your prayers and support have a far-reaching impact for generations to come.

We see this in Kamala’s* (26) life. As a believer in Nepal, she has felt the pain of persecution but also the blessing of being part of the Body of Christ.

When her Hindu husband found out that she had returned to her Christian faith: “He mentally and physically persecuted me. My in-laws also gave me mental tortures and verbally abused me all the time,” shares Kamala.

The persecution caused her to move back to her parents’ home. Sadly, Kamala sobbed as she shares: “My husband came and beat me in front of my parents. I decided to leave him. He has already married another woman, and he doesn’t take care of me and my child. He says that she is no longer his daughter.”

Despite everything she has endured, she says: “God has brought me back and I’m determined to stay firm in my faith.”

A prayer warrior, Kamala shares: “I’ve received answers to my prayers that have even increased my faith and trust in Him. The best part of prayer is it makes us feel that we are never alone. When I was in the process of divorce, there were many people who backed me up with their prayers.

“My pastors and all the believers continuously prayed for me. When we’re in Christ, there is always someone who prays for us and that gives us strength. I feel love from God and His people.”

As a single parent, she struggled to earn a living to provide for herself and her daughter. That’s when Open Doors helped her and provided support for her to start a tailoring business – thanks to our partners’ donations.

That alone has had a ripple effect in her community. “Some women come to my shop to get their clothes stitched. They sometimes share their sorrows and difficulties. At that time, I console them and share my experiences of the Lord.”

It also helped improve her and her daughter’s lives. “I can provide food for my daughter, and I can pay my rent. Because of this support, I’m living with my daughter in a home together. I’m incredibly grateful for your support.

“I want to thank the ones who helped me. Their support has encouraged me to do the same, and I believe I can also, in time, help someone else. I have a plan to expand this tailoring shop and then help someone who is in need. God bless you. Because of prayer and support, my bad days have turned into a blessing.”

Thank you for the impact you are making in the lives of our persecuted family through your prayers and support. It’s spreading the Gospel and creating a ripple effect of change in so many of their lives.

 You can help meet the needs of believers like Kamala, who face persecution and discrimination for their faith. Your gift can help meet their most pressing needs like food aid, trauma care and support to start their own businesses. So, if you’re able to give, please prayerfully consider giving to help our persecuted family amid persecution.

*Name changed and representative image used for security reasons.

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