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Your support encourages secret believers in South Asia

Imagine not being able to tell your family or friends that you’re a Christian. Or having to take turns with your family to attend church, just to avoid attention.

In one South Asian Muslim country*, this is a reality for Christians. In this country you won’t find a single church, because Islam is the only religion allowed. Believers meet in secret and have to take every precaution to avoid suspicion. They don’t even talk to visitors in public places.

“Everybody seems to know everybody,” said Abraham, an expatriate Christian professional. “Strangers and visitors [seen around secret Christians] will raise questions from neighbours.”

Exposure would further shrink this small group and damage the Church’s survival.

While many missionary agencies have left the country due to the risks, Open Doors continues to help these Christians grow strong in their faith, by providing them with Standing Strong Through the Storm training. This helps them see who the real agents of repression are and learn how to respond biblically to persecution.

“Now we realise that [our persecutors] are just tools of Satan, and Satan is the real enemy. We need to pray against the devil and love the people,” said one of the participants after the training.

Your support helps these Christians continue trusting in Christ and bearing witness for Him in this closed Muslim society. Please pray for them!

*Due to the dangers associated with being a believer in this region, we’re unable to disclose the country, as it would endanger the lives of Christians there. Representative image used.

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