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Stories of hope you’re helping write!

Throughout this year, you’ve remembered those suffering on the front lines for the name of Christ. Your prayers, letters and support have meant so much to them and their families as you’ve helped them fight back the darkness.

“I’ve been able to provide training in the provinces of Homs, Tartous and Hama. The participants were Sunday school teachers and teachers who work at Christian schools. I thank all who supported these training [sessions for children’s workers]. These days with the educators were very significant for the churches and schools they work for. All glory be to God. ”

– Mayza*, a trainer in Syria

““Thanks for worrying about us! Thanks to Open Doors, my family has economic stability.  We are happy and working. Don’t stop [your] support [of] persecuted Christians in Mexico. Your labour is very important.”

Lauro Nuñez, beneficiary of a food business in La Chachalaca, Oaxaca

“Thank you for the book you gave me called Genealogy of Grace. I’ve read so many important, new and useful things for my life. Thank you so much for the books and CDs you bring us – they’re a great opportunity for us to learn something new about God and our lives.”

Fatima, beneficiary of Open Doors’ distribution ministry

“In every circumstance God can raise people to bring hope to His people. What Open Doors has done for us can never be overemphasised. Our sleepless nights over the future of our children are taken care of by Open Doors. We’re astonished by what God is doing through [your] ministry in our area. I can see a brighter future for Christian children and the Church in northern Nigeria. We’re proud to be identified with [you]. Our children will live to remember Open Doors.”

– Mr Markus, a parent whose child’s school was supported by Open Doors

*Name changed and representative images used for security reasons.

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