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Meet our guest speakers

Sister Eti

Sister Eti grew up in a Christian home in Bangladesh. She received a Master’s Degree in Transformational Leadership from the International Graduate School of Leadership in the Philippines. She has been married to Rev. Abdul, a former Muslim, for 19 years and they have two daughters. Being a wife and mother, she considers her family as her God-given first vineyard where she can exercise the gifts and talents received from the Holy Spirit.

“Living in an Islamic nation, I have been the victim of persecution, but I have learned a lot about God’s love and endurance in the faith. I have experienced God’s power over fear!”

Sister Eti serves the persecuted Church in South- and Southeast Asia, especially in Bangladesh, where she writes curriculums for different programmes to strengthen various groups (youth, men, women and couples) of the persecuted Church.

Pastor Peter

Pastor Peter was born to a Christian family in Southeast Asia. His parents converted to Christianity from Hinduism, and so the family is no stranger to persecution… Peter grew up watching his parents passionately doing God’s ministry. Since childhood, he saw pastors visiting his father, sharing their pain and challenges with him in tears.

“I always felt burdened seeing suffering pastors, and often my prayer to God was to give me an opportunity to comfort them. When I got the opportunity to work among persecuted Christians, I realised my prayer was answered.”

He now works among persecuted Christians in Southeast Asia supporting and encouraging them through various programmes

*Representative images used for security reasons.

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