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We see a new revival. Muslims are coming to Christ

Algeria is a tough place for Muslim-born people like Muslih* to turn to Christ, as the government is closing churches and putting more pressure on church leaders. Despite this, the Church is growing.

When he was just 17 years old, Muslih saw how God miraculously answered a Christian’s prayer – and so he became the first Christian in his Muslim village. Since then, he’s witnessed many Believers from a Muslim Background (BMBs) coming to Christ. He shares:

“There were fewer than 1 000 believers all over the country. That number has now grown to about 35 000 in the visible Church, and I believe [there are] even more in the secret and not-visible Church.”

Your investment helps provide discipleship training for these new believers, leadership training for church leaders, and personal support for Christians when they need help the most.

Muslih explains what he appreciates most about you and Open Doors:

“You have a great quality that I never saw with others: that is your fidelity. You fulfil all your promises. You’re supporting us as a family and the Church in general. This helped us a lot… to answer the needs of our church.”

And he asks you to keep praying:

“Your spiritual support is formidable, especially all those people who are praying for us. It makes me proud to know that when I’m [on] the battlefield, there are people behind [me]. Knowing that makes us strong.”

*Name changed for security reasons.

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