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Countries like Egypt and Afghanistan don’t have much in common, but they do have something that links them. Something that has a great impact on Christians…

If you leave Islam and you are found out, you will suffer.

But it’s not just in these countries. In many countries across the world and spanning cultural contexts, followers of Jesus are required to live and worship in secret because they are Christians. Whether it’s Islam, another dominant religion, the state or society, being discovered as a Christian can have brutal and long-lasting consequences.

In these countries, Christians face a stark choice: Remain hidden or be attacked, abused or even killed.

In some places, Christians must hide both their identities and their faith. Sometimes they will be targeted or even killed by the state because of their faith. Other times the threat comes from their families and communities, and it may include both attacks and intense pressure.

While their stories and backgrounds are different, those Christians share the same reality: They are (for the most part) following Jesus alone or together with a very small group of people. They often feel alone, with little opportunity to meet or worship with other Christians – and it’s our responsibility to ensure that they know they have support and prayer partners all over the world.

Today you can strengthen secret believers around the world by giving Bibles, discipleship training and practical help.

Support secret believers who dare to follow Jesus, knowing the cost>>

Every R150 could provide a Bible to two believers each, so they can meet God in His Word.

Every R405 could encourage and disciple an isolated believer through a radio broadcast.

Every R940 could give a year of training and discipleship to a new Christian, so they can get the spiritual foundation they need to flourish (two-year training course).

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