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Ram learns that when he is weak Christ’s power is strong

In the world’s largest democracy, persecution has been increasing since the election of Prime Minister Modi in 2014. It continues to rise at an alarming rate as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) extends its control across several states in India, with the number of incidents increasing and the nature of the violence intensifying.

Ram* knows all too well about the violence endured by Christians as he was a victim of physical violence for his faith. He came to know Christ when he fell ill, and a pastor shared the Gospel with him.

“When I found Christ in my frail moment, I found my strength as Paul says: ‘In my weakness, I delight in Christ.’ My parents were disappointed in me for accepting Christ and tried to convince me to leave Christ the foreign God and come back to the old religion, but I knew there was no turning back for me,” shared Ram.

Amazingly, his family gave their lives to Christ when God healed his mother from her severe kidney issues. Ram then started a church in a nearby village, infuriating the locals.

One day, the local villagers, along with the help of religious extremists, told Ram the church was being attacked. When he arrived at the church, the villagers and extremists beat him mercilessly. They also vandalised the church, which the local authorities then closed down when they tried to report the incident.

His family was terrified by what happened to him that they wanted to leave the faith. Although shocked by the attack, Ram assured them that “my faith in God is unfathomable and unshaken”.

“I was reminded of Paul’s words and felt better. The church being closed down is like a thorn in my flesh, reminding me to be dependent on God. In weakness, His strength was made perfect,” declares Ram.

The incident left Ram and his family in a difficult situation as the income he received from the church stopped because the church was closed. They had no other work and couldn’t find jobs because of the pandemic. It was during that time that you came through for him.

“I was overwhelmed when I received your support. Having no income or job to earn was my lowest point. I assumed that I had failed Christ, and He had turned His face from me. Breaking all my misconceptions, God proved His sovereignty through your help and encouragement. Surely, I can boldly profess that when I’m weak, then I am strong. Christ’s power was made perfect in my life.”

Without support, many Christians in India face severe hardship; being denied access to means of earning a living, being refused medical assistance, and injustices in applying the law. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support for your family in India.

May Ram’s story not only be a reminder of the impact you make in the lives of our persecuted family, but may it also be a reminder of God’s power when you face trying times.

*Name changed for security purposes

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