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Dear Friend of the persecuted Church,

I grew up in a time when there was a belief that “boys don’t cry”. Where men needed to have the answers or give direction in difficult times.

There were times in my life that I wanted to run away because of this as I didn’t have all the answers or direction. One day the Lord sent men of God to give me hope and help me make sense of everything. My hope was restored by the Holy Spirit working through these men.

When I recently saw some footage of Homs and Aleppo in Syria and saw the total devastation, I wondered:

What does a father do when he needs to take care of his family after losing everything?

That is why I’m so inspired and encouraged by Pastor Abdallah and other Christians who’ve made the difficult choice to stay and assist those who are in desperate need.

It’s people like him – and generous friends like you – who are helping give hope and reminding our brothers and sisters that they are not alone!

So, for the next three months we will be focusing on giving hope to our brothers and sisters under greatest threat and reminding them that although they may be persecuted, they’re never alone.

As you join in the Never Alone Campaign, you’ll help provide much-needed practical help and financial assistance, and you’ll be a voice for those who are persecuted because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Your support will help anchor our persecuted family in places like Syria and beyond, so they and our future generation of the Church can continue to point others to Christ, no matter what.

So, let’s stand alongside them as they stand up for Jesus in places where they’re isolated and rejected. Let’s show them: “You’re not alone.”

Together in His service

Jan Gouws
Executive Director
Open Doors Southern Africa

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