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Write to Persecuted Christians

  • Elisha - Nigeria

    Comfort the Elisha family as they continue to mourn

    On 9 July, 2016, committed Christian and assistant pastor at her local church, Eunice (42), was killed while...

    Encouragements: 14
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  • Jitendra - India

    Strengthen Jitendra and his family in their witness

    When 21-year-old Jitendra (not his real name) and his family became Christians, it was not difficult to identify them...

    Encouragements: 10
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  • Kura family - Nigeria

    Provide words of courage to the Kura family

    Reverend Joseph Kura, pastor of a church in Obi and Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Obi, Nassawara state, was brutally murdered...

    Encouragements: 9
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  • Middle East - hopeforme

    Encourage believers in the Middle East

    Send believers in the Middle East a message of encouragement and hope...#hopeforme

    Encouragements: 53
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  • Chandan - India

    Embolden Chandan in the face of many pressures

    On 29 July, 2016, Chandan and her husband, Pastor Aadarsh were home alone when 30 men forced themselves into their home. As the men dragged Aadarsh outside to...

    Encouragements: 10
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  • Laos

    Sunday school teachers in Laos

    Since 2014, Leng and La-Li, along with other Sunday school teachers from Laos, have been working hard to produce a Sunday school manual with ...

    Encouragements: 7
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