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Support for our violently persecuted family in Mozambique today

The full reality of what believers in our neighbouring country have experience is too evil to even convey. One story we can share is of our sister Lorena*.

In 2021, Lorena’s village was attacked by suspected jihadists, locally known as al-Shabaab. The entire village was caught off-guard when the insurgents struck. The women and children were in the village going about their chores and their husbands were out fishing. The men were captured as they came to shore.

“We were hiding in the field, but they found us and surrounded us. They pointed guns at us but did not shoot,” Lorena explains. “They ordered, ‘These kill. These leave.’”

Instead of killing the women and children the insurgents did something equally torturous. They forced them to witness the brutal murder of their husbands, fathers and brothers and then left them to fend for themselves.

Lorena and her village had to flee without anything. “You may not believe me, but I am speaking in front of Jesus that I left there and went 22 days without food and I didn’t have good thoughts, I was upset, but my children needed me.”

See Lorena’s testimony here:

It wasn’t an option to return to their village, so Lorena and her family went to a cousin who lived further south, where they hoped to find refuge.

“After many days, my cousin began to speak badly saying that it was my fault that our husbands got killed,” Lorena shares. She and her family had no where to turn.

This added to Lorena’s pain and trauma. Even now, after months, recalling the attack on her village brings Lorena to tears. But her faith in God remains. “In no one else I trust, only in God and Jesus Christ. Because He did not leave me… He keeps me and my family, because of this we are still alive.”

Thanks to our partners, Open Doors was able to deliver emergency relief aid to nearly 4000 displaced people in Mozambique, including Lorena and her large family. In partnership with the local church, we provided Bibles, food, kitchen utensils, bedding and other basic necessities.

Today, Lorena and many more Christians in northern Mozambique need our continued support, particularly emotional support, to survive, and possibly even thrive, despite the growing persecution. Most people are traumatized and ill-equipped to cope with the targeted violence.

As the jihadist violence continues, will you stand with our family in Mozambique and other places in Africa today? By giving today you will be part of our long-term vision to equip more than 660 000 severely persecuted Christians in Africa alone by 2025.

R320 could provide one displaced believer with clothing, blankets and medical support.

R800 could help survivors of violence rebuild their lives through trauma counselling.

R1630 could provide shelter for a displaced Christian family.

*Name changed for security reasons

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