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Bring comfort and joy to persecuted children like Daniela this Christmas

“I believe that celebrating the birth of Jesus is a moment of joy. Christmas for me is being with my family,” says 12-year-old Daniela, from Colombia.

But Christmas will never be the same again. Daniela’s father, a pastor, was murdered by drug gangs for daring to stand for the Gospel.

Daniela weeps when she thinks of her Dad, yet she has found comfort and joy thanks to your support for Open Doors. Now she has a safer home and has received protection, care and trauma counselling at the Colombian Children’s Centre.

  • Every R130 could provide vital Christian training to 1 child who has been impacted by persecution
  • Every R640 could provide a Bible to 10 children who have been impacted by persecution.
  • Every R1264 could provide protection, care and education to a child of a persecuted church leader for a month.

Any gift you are able to give today will contribute to our “Christmas around the world” campaign as we aim to reach a R 1 984 000 goal before the end of 2020 to help persecuted families receive the protection, care and support they need to survive and thrive.


*Your gift will be used as a priority for the children of the persecuted church. In the event more funds are raised than are needed for this work, it may be used in another area of great need.

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