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The following table contains important information on Open Doors Privacy Policy and includes the various consents and permissions provided by You to Open Doors to in respect of use of Your Personal Information. This section of the Website Legal Notice was last revised on 15 January 2011. You are advised to regularly check this section of the Website Legal Notice for any amendments or updates.

3.1. Privacy and Personal Information:

3.1.1. Open Doors endeavours to comply with all laws and regulations including the 1996 South African Constitution and other legislation providing for privacy. As such, Open Doors seeks to ensure the quality and accuracy of personal information in its possession and processed with South African law.

3.1.2. Open Doors shall not be obliged to ascertain or provide the identity of the sender of any messages or content.

3.2 Personal Information Collected, Principle of Minimalism and Purpose of Collection: Please be assured that the privacy of Open Doors’ Members is of the utmost importance to Open Doors. The Open Doors Website collects, processes and stores personal information of its Members subject to the following principles:

3.2.1. Relevant and minimal personal information of Members is collected for the purpose of managing Member’s communications with Open Doors. Members warrant that all personal information supplied by them with regard to an electronic transaction is both true and correct. In the event of any aspect of their personal information changing post submission, it is their responsibility to immediately notify Open Doors of the said changes. Notification must occur via an email sent to [email protected]. The customers agree to indemnify and hold Open Doors, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, suppliers and members harmless from and against any claims, damages, actions and liabilities including without limitation, loss of profits, direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages arising out of Open Doors reliance on the Member’s personal information in fulfilling an online order, should their personal information contain any errors or inaccuracies.

3.2.2. Relevant and minimal personal information of Users and/or Members is collected automatically by Open Doors and its authorised technology agents as a result of the Users and/or Members visits to the Open Doors Website. This information is used to make the visit to the Website more efficient, and analysis thereof facilitates improvements made to the experience of the Website. Open Doors’ agents and service providers may also automatically log Your “IP address” which is a unique identifier for the Member’s computer and/or other access device. Further and to the extent necessary, Open Doors may utilise the Member’s contact information, submitted, for communications with the Member such as marketing or rendering Services requested by the Member from Open Doors. This information may include, without limitation: the Member’s name, e-mail address, mobile phone, landline phone details, credit card details and banking details. Open Doors will not edit, disclose or sell any personal information to third parties other than required for the provision of the Services and electronic communication and transaction facilities to the Member; in the ordinary course of business and where required to do so by law. The Member agrees that their submission of their personal information indicates their willingness for such information to be used as discussed herein.

3.3 Handling of Your Personal Information:

3.3.1. To prevent unauthorised access, maintain data accuracy and ensure the appropriate use of information, Open Doors has in place policies and procedures to protect the personal information Open Doors collects about the Member.

3.3.2. Members acknowledge that records relating to the provision of Services and personal information may be required to be retained in terms of law, operational purposes and for evidential reasons by Open Doors and Users expressly agree to such retention and necessary access to such records.

3.3.3. Further, and to the extent necessary, Open Doors may utilise the contact information to provide the Member with information requested by the Member in relation to events, services and/or products offered by Open Doors.

3.3.4. Members contact information and the contact information of third parties submitted may be used for communications such as marketing and distribution of newsletters to Members or the relevant third parties. This contact information includes without limitation: names, email addresses and/or contact numbers. In providing information relating to third parties, the Member warrants that the right to provide such information. The Member agrees that their submission of their information indicates their express willingness for their information to be used as discussed above.

3.3.5. If the Member elects to submit content to Open Doors via the Website and/or via email, which would include but is not limited to: feedback on articles and/or experiences, the Member agrees for such information submitted to be published by Open Doors with their name and other information provided.

3.4 Disclosure of personal information: Open Doors may disclose personal information

3.4.1. to comply with the law or with legal process;

3.4.2. protect and defend Open Doors’ rights, equipment, facilities, and other property;

3.4.3. protect Open Doors against misuse or unauthorised use of the Website; and/ or

3.4.4.  protect other Website Users or third parties affected negatively by the relevant Member’s use of the Website.

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