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You can make an impact for generations to come by donating your special day to our persecuted family of faith. This act of love will help keep hope alive so that our persecuted family of faith can continue being a witness for Christ no matter what they face!

It’s easy:

  1. Choose the gift you’d like your friends/family to give, and download the image below by clicking on it. Save it on your computer.
  2. Share the downloaded image and the text provided with your loved ones as an invitation to donate. You can also share it on your social media.
  3. The link will redirect them back to the catalogue at the bottom of this page where they can navigate through the donation process.
  4. Celebrate your impact. We’ll send you a special message, showing you how your family and friends made an impact on your behalf!

Include this text when sharing your image:

I’m donating by birthday. Instead of buying me a present, please consider giving a gift to strengthen our persecuted family of faith. Click here >>

Please enter the information of the person on whose behalf the gift is given

1. Strengthen believers in the 10 most dangerous countries

R295 could help disciple five believers to grow in their faith.
Price: R295.00
R550 could provide one believer with a Bible, Christian literature and leadership training.
Price: R550.00
R1 220 could help one Believer from a Muslim Background with urgent relief aid.
Price: R1,220.00

2. Empower persecuted believers through Biblical training

R160 could give 10 believers access to a discipleship programme.
Price: R160.00
R750 could help build online networks to support Believers from a Muslim Background.
Price: R750.00
R4 680 could equip one church leader with skills to disciple and care for their flock.
Price: R4,680.00

3. Bring change for persecuted women

R250 could support one woman spiritually and economically through a self-help group.
Price: R250.00
R500 could give one woman the opportunity to attend a Women’s Leadership Seminar.
Price: R500.00
R1 095 could support a programme to meet one woman’s spiritual, social and physical needs.
Price: R1,095.00

4. Give persecuted believers access to the Word of God

R210 could provide one believer with a Bible in their own language.
Price: R210.00
R430 could help print Christian literature in a closed country.
Price: R430.00
R3 560 could equip partners to distribute Bibles and Christian material in hard-to-reach places.
Price: R3,560.00

5. Provide relief to victims of violent persecution

R250 could help equip rural communities prone to violent persecution.
Price: R250.00
R640 could equip one church leader to train believers to stand strong in persecution.
Price: R640.00
R1 500 could keep five North Korean believers alive with critical aid.
Price: R1,500.00

6. Defend and seek justice for persecuted believers

R350 could help mobilise international legal assistance for victims of persecution.
Price: R350.00
R500 could equip church leaders to speak out and defend persecuted believers.
Price: R500.00
R1 480 could teach one believer about their legal rights as a Christian when persecuted.
Price: R1,480.00

7. Restore persecuted believers’ dignity through socioeconomic projects

R245 could provide one believer with access to clean water.
Price: R245.00
R700 could support one believer to create a sustainable income.
Price: R700.00
R10 945 could provide one believer with micro-finance training to support their family.
Price: R10,945.00

8. Equip persecuted believers in India to be a light for Christ

R350 could provide one persecuted believer with an emergency relief pack..
Price: R350.00
R840 could equip a Rapid Response team as they bring emergency aid to victims of violence.
Price: R840.00
R2 230 could sponsor a place on a vocational training course.
Price: R2,230.00

9. Give hope to persecuted believers in Africa

R320 could provide one displaced believer with clothing, blankets and medical support.
Price: R320.00
R900 could contribute towards providing shelter in a safe house for one believer in the Horn of Africa.
Price: R900.00
R25 450 could provide one believer in Mozambique with persecution preparedness training.
Price: R25,450.00

10. Support and care for traumatised believers

R400 could help meet the needs of one church leader who has experienced severe trauma.
Price: R400.00
R680 could support one believer with trauma counselling and resources.
Price: R680.00
R1 210 could provide online trauma counselling for one isolated believer.
Price: R1,210.00

11. Strengthen and protect the next generation of believers

R290 could provide two persecuted children with a Christmas gift (like Bibles, clothes, school supplies).
Price: R290.00
R490 could help send a child to a Christian camp or youth event.
Price: R490.00
R800 could provide a child with an educational scholarship.
Price: R800.00

12. Meet the most pressing needs of persecuted believers

Your best gift today. Persecution continues to increase. When it strikes your gift will ensure our family of faith can receive support immediately.

Each gift from this catalogue represents a contribution to a specific area of ministry. The giving handles are examples of larger packages and your gift will go to the package. Should any package become fully funded, we will apply your gift where the need is greatest.

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