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New believer remains committed to Christ

It’s no small miracle, each time a Muslim hears the Gospel and accepts it as the Truth.

The likelihood of Daniel* (25) ever hearing the Gospel was close to none, yet God made a way for him to see the Truth and Light when he decided to read the Bible to prove the Quran was right.

Choosing Christ brought Daniel rejection, loneliness and near death several times at a young age. Had it not been for a local church and Open Doors’ support, he would surely have returned to Islam. Because of your support Daniel has a family in Christ and the hope of an eternal future.

Hear him share his testimony…

It’s a miracle that Daniel is still alive, and even still committed to Christ. Like so many young people who convert from Islam to Christianity, he had to pass through a period of extreme isolation and loneliness. During this transition period, new and young believers are at the most vulnerable as they are still not fully integrated into Christian community.

Without holistic support from the Church many either lose their life, or simply return to Islam. That is why they need support from their family in Christ so they can find safety during this period and grow in their faith.

For believers like Daniel your support has helped changed his circumstances. And today he is a nurse. “It is not only my success, but also your success, and I would like to thank you,” he says.

 Help new persecuted believers and believers who continue to face persecution for their faith through your support today. Whether they’re on the run or in hiding for their faith, your support will help meet their urgent needs so they can continue to stand strong in their faith.

 Today, if you are able to do so, please donate to support them so they can grow in their faith to withstand the persecution and discrimination they face so that in their countries the Kingdom of God can continue to grow too.

 Also, join us as we launch our new multi-year campaign for Africa this month. Click here to learn more and see how you can get involved in the campaign.

 *Name changed and identity hidden for security reasons.

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